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true life path

Discover your deepest self. And uncover your life’s higher purpose.
It’s time to start living the life you were born to.


I'm Skye Flowstreym. And it’s my life’s purpose to help people to free themselves to follow their true path.

For over ten years I have helped people with as an Intuitive Life Path Guide and Soul Coach. I also offer my skills as a Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Channel, Past life Regressionist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher.

Besides my innate gifts as a Spiritual Guide and Intuitive Channel I have attained a Diploma in Hypnotherapy, Certification in Past Life Regression and Yoga Teaching.

It’s a great combination!

You can trust that I have the skills, experience, and commitment to coach and guide you. 

When you work with me, you’ll have the right support and guidance you need to:

  • Get in touch with who you are
  • Find and follow YOUR life path

I’d be honoured to help you along your journey.

Let’s work together?


0402 006 985

Skye Flowstreym


49 Powderworks Road
North Narrabeen, NSW 2101

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My hypnotherapy and timeline regression with Skye was incredibly insightful. We were able to identify specific memories from early childhood that are currently contributing to negative thought patterns I am fighting. The hypnosis experience was very relaxing and I found it easy to slip into this state without any trouble. Skye's gentle demeanor and depth of knowledge in this area made the whole process very enjoyable. I look forward to my next session.

– Ava


I have been to see Skye several times now. I was initially quite skeptical about hypnotherapy. Skye is professional and friendly, and makes you completely at ease. Not only does his hypnotherapy work, but his ability to help you find the root of your habits or issues is incredible. Skye is insightful and perceptive, and teaches you how to take control of your choices and how to see your habits for what they truly are. I highly recommend his services, and cannot give him enough stars.

– Juliana


Working with Skye has allowed me to see certain aspects of my life and behaviour from a different angle. HIs calm, compassionate and thorough approach makes you feel safe instantly. I'd absolutely recommend Skye if you want to find out about underlying issues and why you do certain things you do.  I love his hypnotherapy sessions and listen to the recording daily. It makes me relax and feel more positive every day.

– Isabell


I approached Skye and the Manly centre for help with some health and lifestyle changes I wanted to alter. What I found was not only a very effective Hypnotherapist - an excellent counsellor - who helped me unravel the many issues that were now manifesting into physical issues. I chose to do 3 more sessions as the results were so profound and life changing. I will recommend him to anyone who needs assistance in any area of their lives. He comes with no judgement, just a lot of insight, skill and wisdom and a great sense of humour - a very gifted healer. Forever grateful.

– Gillian

My Services

I provide one-on-one sessions where I guide and coach you through a process where you get to know your deepest self. And guide you to live YOUR true life path.

 Spiritual Life Path Guidance

Reconnects you with your inner source of spiritual wisdom, and cultivates your soul knowledge. Helps you develop your intuition (your inner voice), and learn to trust and listen to it.

Soul Coaching

Clears mental and emotional clutter so you can awaken and listen to your inner self. Helps you discover your purpose, so you can start to live it.

 Hypnotherapy & N.L.P

A deeply relaxed state that allows you to access the power of your subconscious mind. Helps you let go of past conditioning, blocks and fears – and re-imprint new inner resources, beliefs, self-image and goal orientated manifestations.


Meditation & Self Hypnosis Techniques

Enter a mode of consciousness to calm your mind. Helps you awaken your spiritual potential and find focus, contentment, and joy.

Past Life Regression

A therapeutic technique that allows you to recall and re-experience your past lives. Helps you identify the source of current problems, repeating life patterns, and enhance spiritual growth. For more information please visit my website

Channelled Readings

An intuitive channeled reading can help you gain the clarity you need for a particular situation. Because a reading will deliver higher guidance and insights on the choices you have before you. Channelled Readings are a separate one-off service and are priced differently to the other services. See below.


I can help you...

Awaken your inner self

Your inner self is your core, your soul; it is your deepest sense of self. And in each and every one of us, our inner self is masked from us. We can undertake a process of profound self-discovery to awaken our knowledge: To unlock our inner wisdom and unconscious mind.

Connect with your true path

Your true path is your higher purpose, your soul-purpose. It is something that is bigger than you and yet is intrinsic to who you are. You’re NOT connected to your purpose when you feel like you’re not living life to its fullest, that you’re just going through the motions. Or you have the feeling that something just isn’t right.

Fulfil your potential

Once you’ve discovered your deepest self and uncovered your higher purpose, then you can begin the ultimate journey. The fulfilment of your potential – what you’re capable of being and doing.

Take your new-found knowledge and make it a reality. Start to live your life’s higher purpose.

Let me guide you through your ultimate journey


What does it cost?

The costs for my session vary depend on the services you require.


90 Min - $150

These one-off sessions can include:

  • Spiritual Life Path Guidance
  • Soul Coaching
  • Evolutionary Hypnotherapy & N.L.P
  • Meditation & Self Hypnosis Techniques
  • Past Life Regression

3 x 90 Min - $300

The program consists of 3 of the Spiritual Life Path Guidance sessions. I recommend you have fortnightly sessions, so you can integrate the last session and maintain momentum.

You can choose to hold your sessions in person – in Manly or Narrabeen – or over the phone, or Skype.


45 Min - $85

An intuitive channeled reading can help you gain the clarity you need for a particular situation.

Your reading isn’t about predicting the future.

It’s about helping you find clarity, so you know how to move ahead.

I have a special discount package for students, pensioners, and single mums.
Give me a call to talk about how we can work together – 0402 006 985.


Your questions answered


Q: Is hypnosis safe?

Hypnosis is a safe, natural, relaxed state of being. The state of hypnosis can be compared to daydreaming or being absorbed in a good book or movie. After hypnosis, you’ll feel refreshed and relaxed.

I have ten years’ experience as a qualified hypnotherapist (Diploma in Hypnotherapy).

Q: Where are you based?

Manly and Narrabeen, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Q: Do I have to hold my one-on-one sessions in person?

No, you can have your session by phone or Skype.



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